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What Can the TMA Do for You?2018-07-02T18:46:23-04:00

What Can the TMA Do for You?


The Merrimack Valley TMA knows that implementing and maintaining sustainable practices (recycling and compost, reasonable water use, solar power, incentives to encourage carpooling, etc.) are very important to the companies we serve. We prepare quarterly metrics reports on the vehicle emissions reductions and fuel cost savings realized from our programs. We are happy to share the data we collect with our members to help them with their own corporate responsibility reporting.

Contact us to find out more about sustainability.

DEP Reporting

The Merrimack Valley TMA can be your advocate before the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). We often serve as a conduit for our members and help them make their DEP reporting seamless.

Contact us to find out more about DEP reporting.


The Merrimack Valley TMA is a sounding board for our members. We work with agencies and elected officials at the local, state and federal levels to enact reforms that are favorable to our members’ transportation needs.

A sampling of our advocacy accomplishments include:

  • A zoning overlay district on the north side of River Road and at Dascomb Road in Andover to include retail amenities for employees and residents
  • Promoting tax increment funding (TIF) at 800 Federal Street— a move that attracted Schneider Electric to relocate its North American headquarters to Andover
  • Working with MassDOT Highway officials and the Town of Andover to limit the type of operations and ensure an aesthetically pleasing LEED certified design for the relocated MassDOT salt shed at I-93/River Road
  • Advancing the time table for the widening of the River Road Bridge over I-93
  • Bus service connecting the commuter rail to the River Road employment district

Land-Use Planning

The Merrimack Valley TMA can help our members with the transportation element of their comprehensive plan—whether that be for commercial or mixed-use development. That could include assisting with the “last mile” of a transit commute or adding striping/signage to the roads to make them more favorable to cyclists.

Contact us to find out more about Land-use planning.

Commuter Surveys

The Merrimack Valley TMA can create and implement surveys on a variety of transportation-related topics to help our members plan the most effective way to achieve your goals. Whether your transportation concerns revolve around parking management, sustainability, health and wellness, or enhanced employee/customer access to your worksite, MVTMA staff can work with you to design and implement a survey tool that will provide the data and statistics you need to make the business case for transportation improvements.

Contact us to find out more about our survey capabilities.

Shuttle Services

Is your parking lot overcrowded? Do you need assistance bridging that “last mile gap” between your worksite and public transportation connections? The Merrimack Valley TMA can assist our members in developing and managing a shuttle service for your worksite and coordinate those services with neighboring businesses. We can also help our members find state and/or federal transportation funding to help share the cost.

Contact us to learn more.

Forums and Educational Seminars

The Merrimack Valley TMA holds spring and fall roundtables on various transportation-related topics that are of interest to our members. We can coordinate meetings for a specific constituency (e.g. Federal Street businesses in Andover) or on a specific topic (e.g. bike safety).

Would you like to convene a roundtable on a topic that is of concern to your employees and/or customers? Contact us for assistance.