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Merrimack Valley TMA

The Merrimack Valley TMA brings businesses, municipalities, developers and regional organizations together to develop policies and programming designed to relieve traffic congestion, promote access to and between businesses and residential communities and to reduce single-occupancy vehicle rides.

A TMA is a membership organization formed to provide a forum for employers, developers, residential apartment communities, building owners, local government representatives, and others to work together to collectively establish policies, programs, and services to address local transportation needs and air quality issues within a specified geographical area.

Membership, mission and services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each TMA and its members.

TDM (Transportation Demand Management) strategies can include ridesharing, parking management strategies, trip reduction strategies (like telecommuting & incentive programs), and pedestrian and bicycle improvements.

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Benefits of Membership

The Merrimack Valley TMA is your key resource for collaborative transportation solutions and green commuting benefits.

A TMA connects you to local businesses, institutions, developers, residential apartment communities, municipalities and other organizations to leverage your combined resources to address common transportation issues, leading to convenient, cost-effective, environmentally responsible, stress-free and often healthier active transportation options for you or your business.

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Help develop commuting options as an alternative to single drivers in cars.

  • Zip code analysis
  • Surveying to determine residential transit needs & interests
  • 3-4 onsite events annually
  • Assistance in developing active transportation opportunities
  • Last mile shuttle services
  • Incentive programs & GRH
  • Rideshare matching
  • Grant opportunities


Support commercial development opportunities and traffic mitigation efforts through TDM (Transportation Demand Management) measures.

  • Assist with recruitment and retention issues around transit
  • Last mile shuttle service
  • Pre-tax transit pass programs
  • Coordination with local planning departments & legislative delegation


Strategize to reduce demand on our roadways & infrastructure and improve air quality.

  • Expanding public-private partnerships designed to address gaps in infrastructure
  • Bi-Annual Roundtable Events
  • Municipal Roundtable
    • Andover – 2010-2021
  • Legislative Roundtable
    • October 2020
  • Telework Tax Webinar – Spring 2021
  • Merrimack Valley Planning Commission
  • Monthly Planning & Coordination Meetings
  • Community Change grant application 2021
  • Coordination of, collaboration with and marketing of transit services
  • Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce – ex-officio member

Connect to Your Perfect Commute

Whether you live, work, or are visiting the upper Merrimack Valley area, our Commute Tracker app will help you find the best, most cost-effective, sustainable transportation option for your travel or commuting needs.

Access to trip-tracking to earn incentives and registration for our Guaranteed Ride Home and Green to Work programs.

The Merrimack Valley TMA has partnered with RideAmigos to bring members a comprehensive app-based interactive platform to provide customized options designed to provide choice for how you travel to/from or within our upper Merrimack Valley communities of Andover, Haverhill, Lawrence, Methuen, and North Andover.

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Featured Programs

The Merrimack Valley TMA maintains a handful of programs to assist you with your commuting and transit needs. All of our programs promote environmentally responsible transit in an effort to save you money on your commute, alleviate traffic congestion and reduce CO2 emissions.

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The Green to Work (GTW) program is a raffle-based points program for TMA member employees and tenants. Participants earn points for logging their “green” commutes to work during each calendar quarter. A winner will be drawn each quarter for a $250 gift card.
The Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program ensures MVTMA members who participate in our Green to Work program a ride home if there is an emergency, alleviating the fear of being stranded.
Encouraging biking to work reduces commuting costs, helps the environment, and improves health! The MVTMA supports initiatives like the Mass Commute Bicycle Challenge and the Bay State Bike Month.

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By greening your commute, you could save money and protect the environment!

Save money
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A 25-mile commute costs about $2,000 annually in gas alone. By alternating the days you drive to work, you stand to save roughly $1,000 – and that’s before you factor in tolls, depreciation, and any parking costs. Bring a third buddy, and the savings climb to $1,300!

Statewide leaving the car at home and taking another way (ride share, transit, bike or walk) has annually saved 23 million driving miles annually and kept more than 10,000 tons of pollution out of the air we breathe!

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