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A look at the ‘Future of Carpooling’

The radio drones on about the accident one mile up ahead, causing a significant back-up. Your heart rate is up because of the stress of knowing this means a long time sitting and white-knuckling the steering wheel. Every moment sitting in traffic is ticking down the gas gauge and wearing on your car.

The commute is painful, but you don’t have to go it alone. In fact, “The Future of Carpooling” is here.

Representatives from Waze Carpool, Scoop and Ride Amigos presented their ride-sharing options during a forum to a group of 100 transportation agencies interested in getting more cars off the road, reducing air emissions, and promote car-light living. The forum held March 21 at the MIT’s Broad Institute showcased how these three ride-sharing apps are helping companies ease parking crunches, retain workers and incentivize employees.

Looking at employees, Waze Carpool found that a bad commute can lead to high turnover. A survey found:

61 percent feel their commute has not improved.

60 percent reported their company did nothing about their commute.

1 in 4 had left jobs due to bad commute.

Despite these numbers, the great majority of people are still driving alone. These companies have found success in reducing those numbers.

Ride Amigos provides a platform to link employees to fellow carpoolers using ride-sharing services such as Scoop and Waze Carpool. Ride Amigos works with TMAs and employers to set up ride-matching with one simple mission — to get cars off the road.

Waze Carpool says its program allows people to pick their driver and pick their route. Drivers can earn up to $.58 a mile from riders — money earned for a trip that a person is already driving. Scoop also offers incentives to drivers and participants.

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