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Carpooling can save you money and frustration on your commute to and from work. To assist you in finding a carpool partner who shares your commute route and schedule, we work with Bay State Commute, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts online statewide ridematching database.  The Bay State Commute database has thousands of commuters who, like you, are looking for a commute partner.  Commute with a partner every day or once a week.  You’re in charge!

We Guarantee Your Commute Will Never Leave You Stranded
The Merrimack Valley TMA’s FREE Guaranteed Ride Home Program is your 24/7 commuter “insurance policy.” We use UBER to make getting your ride fast, easy and convenient.

Bay State Commute

Bay State CommuteIf you’d like, once you find a carpool partner you can also log your carpool trips in Bay State Commute to earn points to cash in for prizes and discounts a numerous restaurants, stores, and entertainment venues! You can also sign up for the Merrimack Valley TMA’s Green to Work Program where you’ll automatically be in the raffle eligible for $25 monthly and $100 quarterly raffles.

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vanpoolWould you like to take your commute a step further and participate in a vanpool? A vanpool consists of 9-14 people who meet at a convenient location each morning and ride into work together. They agree to leave at the same time each evening and ride home together as well. The vans are insured and are available for limited personal use. There are many vanpools in place across the Commonwealth (many originate in New Hampshire for MVTMA commuters who cross state lines every day)

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Did you know?

  • A 25-mile commute costs about $2,000 annually in gas alone. By alternating the days you drive to work, you stand to save roughly $1,000 – and that’s before you factor in tolls, depreciation, and any parking costs. Bring a third buddy, and the savings climb to $1,300!
  • Statewide leaving the car at home and taking another way (ride share, transit, bike or walk) has annually saved 23 million driving miles annually and kept more than 10,000 tons of pollution out of the air we breathe!

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If you need assistance in identifying your best commuting option, commute route, or have any questions – we’re here to help!



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